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We combined our two passions - improv and history - and ended up with this weird podcast we call History Improv'ed. Every episode, we extemporaneously perform a version of a surprise historical event, and then find out from our history expert if we actually got anything right about it.


Trent Edwards

A Pulitzer Prize-reading journalist, Trent is a recovering reporter and screenwriter. When not playing an Irish potato missionary on stage, he can be seen gadding about town as one of Houston's Hottest 333 Sketch Comedy Writers. He can be followed on X @PTrentEd

Steve Fait

As the Knucklehead for Hire, Steve has dipped his toe into every end of the media pool, including his work on the martial arts office drama Copiers of Kung Fu. His less history-focused work can be found at and his production company Unpermitted Space.

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The Rest of the Audio Crew

Guitar - You can't have two totally awesome dudes travel through history without some tasty transition licks. Francisco Tristan does double duty on the axe. 

Sound Effects - Audrey asked us not to use her last name... or say anything about her. Done. Who we CAN talk about are the fine folks at where Audrey gets all those swell sounds that add the cherry on the top of our improv sundae.

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